Brand Building

Business Analysis

To maximize success, evaluates our clients’ current business position and assesses its potential opportunities through conducting an all inclusive assessment.

Based on the analysis, creates a targeted export strategy to expand your business into new markets.

Fashion Brand Building

New Business Development

Building on the framework of each custom designed export strategy, collaborates with its international network of agents, distributors and partners. Long recognized as experts who grow brands in global markets, we leverage our reputation as a trusted and respected business partner who move opportunities forward to create positive results.


With broad experience in local markets and international fashion exporting, our experts combine insights to offer our clients a competitive edge offering both the latest information and cost effective solutions when expanding into new markets.

Business Analysis

Distribution Management 

Distributing to different countries means managing import duties and customs. Thanks to our local experts and their network and knowledge, sets up your distribution structure for the most profitable impact.

Management also manages all back-office support to your agents and distributors, acting as a “ad-hoc Export Manager”. With our hands-on mentality, we make sure your partners continue to be motivated building up the brand.

Showroom Space

Located in the central fashion district of Canada, our head office in Toronto makes us perfectly positioned to meet with key accounts. We showcase in creative and innovative ways to highlight your collection.

Fashion Brand Building